Nexen Tires Review

We at love Nexen tires but we wanted to make sure that we were correct in assessing our favorite tire company. So we have asked several specialists to give us their unbiased opinion about the tires they have worked with. We have paid them for their time but we also asked them to give us their objective opinion because what we would like is to start a conversation with you, our readers, and would like to know what your experience of Nexen tires is. Do you agree with our specialists? Have you ever owned a set of tires? Are you going to buy one as a result of what one of our specialists has said? Here are their opinions!

Nexen Tires Review by Yona Matsuda – Auto Inspector

Car inspectors are very rarely asked about the importance and the state of tires but because they are a crucial element that connects all the other performances of the car, like its speed and braking distance, I always make it a point to have a good look at those and point them out to my clients. That is why when asked me to write one of their Nexen tires review I was very happy to do it because it allowed me to possibility to impart some of the experience I have gathered in almost 10 years of working with cars… Click Here To Read On!

Nexen Tires Review by Tom Carter – Mechanic

As a mechanic I know full well the importance of excellent tires on a car particularly because many times I have had the opportunity to see my work go to waste because of inadequate tires. So I am going to take my time with the Nexen tires review that the guys from asked me to write for them and I will explain why you should buy a particular set of tire or another, focusing particularly on Nexen… Click Here To Read On!

Nexen Tires Review by Ruth Clark – Auto Worker

Before I give you my opinion about Nexen tires like the team from asked me, let me tell you a bit about what I do. I have never been very good at speaking and convincing other people to do things but what I am very good at is making something look so delicious you must have it. So I work at a car dealership and what I do is setup the cars in such a way that they sales people have a much easier job in actually selling them. And many times I have changed the stock tires with other, better looking tires, many of which were Nexen so I do have a contribution to the Nexen tires review website… Click Here To Read On!

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